2024 Chevrolet Silverado EV spied out testing in RST trim

The 2024 Chevrolet Silverado EV is currently slated to begin production next year, and today we bring you spy shots of the RST model with its fancy-pants 24-inch wheels.

Previously, Chevy provided its own spy photo of a WT (Work Truck) prototype. That model wears much smaller wheels and doesn’t feature the full-width light bar in front seen in photos of the RST above. The differences between the initially revealed truck and the one in spy photos are minimal. However, the lower grille/lower front bumper design is slightly different on the truck in spy photos. The trim’s shape and finish are altered in the test truck between the two lower grilles, but it may not be worth reading too much into with this being a prototype tester.

Seeing the truck in white paint instead of the vibrant blue on the RST it was launched in provides another perspective and perhaps ideas for alternative paint color options if you’d rather a monotone look over blue. The 24-inch wheels still look utterly enormous in those wheel wells, filling up every last inch of space available.

In the rear, we’ll note that this truck doesn’t have its production LED rear taillights installed, so disregard those. Another oddity is that instead of the Silverado EV’s Multi-Flex Tailgate, this tester is rocking the GMC Sierra EV’s Multi-Pro Tailgate. They may look similar at first glance, but side-by-side shots show that the tailgate’s design is similar to the GMC electric truck, not the one seen on the truck Chevy initially revealed. This could mean nothing in the grand scheme of testing, but we’ll point it out nonetheless.

We expect the Silverado EV WT to launch in spring of 2023, and the RST pictured here is scheduled to follow in the fall.

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