AMG Says Don’t Expect Another Hypercar Like the One Any

Photo of a Mercedes-AMG One on a racetrack, seen from the driver-side front-quarter.

Image: Mercedes-AMG

The world first caught wind of the Mercedes-AMG One way back in 2017, but the production version wasn’t formally introduced until last year. That’s because the engineering team had to harness literal magic to make the thing road legal per Europe’s existing emissions regulations. The solution was an extensive exhaust cleaning system immersed in the complex web of energy that underpins the Formula 1-inspired hypercar.

Trouble is, that system won’t be enough come 2025, when the even more stringent Euro-7 regime goes into effect. That essentially means that we’re not going to see cars like the AMG One again for a long, long while. Mercedes-AMG’s director of vehicle development, Steffen Jastrow, reflected on this to Australian outlet Carsales during a launch event for the C63 S E Performance.

In short, there won’t be a successor — at least “not in the definition [AMG] has right now.”

“I wouldn’t say we will never have a new hypercar, but there are no plans for that yet. But I think a hypercar based on the Formula 1 powertrain? I think that’s no chance,” said Jastrow.

“I think if you want to have in the future somebody, not just AMG or Mercedes, who can bring a Formula 1 engine to a production car, I think this is the one time – the one moment we’ve chosen to do that,” he said, suggesting CO2 rules would make such a vehicle impossible in future.”

If that makes it sound like a fully battery-electric hypercar would be easier for Jastrow and his team to build, that’s because it definitely would be.

“I think probably yes. I think Euro 7 regulations, that’s definitely finished [the ability] to bring a combustion-based powertrain from Formula 1 through street-legal emission certification.

“Yeah, I would say in a full electric world it’s easier to certify a hypercar.”

In other words, don’t expect AMG to follow up on its hard work with a proper sequel until Formula 1 fully commits to electric power, someday. The One will likely go down in the books as the final ICE-equipped road car with direct links to F1 powertrain technology. It’s a fitting end to a lineage that also includes such vaunted names as the Porsche Carrera GT, Ferrari F50, BMW’s S85 V10-powered E60 M5 and E63 M6 and, of all things, Yamaha’s OX99-11. It’s always a good day when the OX99-11 casually enters the conversation, isn’t it?


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