Aston Martin Bids Farewell to the DBS With its Most

A photo of the Aston martin DBS 770 Ultimate in a studio.

The DBS 770 Ultimate is Aston’s most powerful car… so far. Photo: Aston Martin

In its current guise, the Aston Martin DBS has been around for a while now. It burst onto the scene in 2018 and has been winning the hearts and minds of rich people ever since. Now, its time is drawing to an end, and Aston Martin will soon cease production of its third model to wear the DBS badge. But it won’t be going quiet into that good night.

To give the DBS a proper send off, Aston Martin has unveiled a new, limited-edition model, the brand’s most powerful vehicle ever. The new car, which was teased in this bizarre movie trailer, is called the DBS 770 Ultimate. Aston says it re-engineered the base DBS from the ground up for “enhanced performance, driver engagement and visual drama.”

A close up photo of the front end of the DBS 770 Ultimate.

Big grille and bigger hood vents. Photo: Aston Martin

Let’s start under the hood. To give the car that headline-grabbing title of Aston’s most powerful car ever, the engineers at Gaydon reworked the twin-turbo V12 engine you find in the standard car. Now, the 5.2-liter motor develops 759 hp, which is up from 715 hp in the standard DBS.

The 44 additional horses that Aston’s engineers extracted will allow the 770 Ultimate to hit a top speed of 211 mph, making it the fastest DBS to date. Nice.

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As well as engine upgrades, the DBS 770 Ultimate has also had its eight-speed automatic transmission recalibrated to speed up shifts and, Aston says, enhance driver interaction. What that means in an automatic, we’ll have to wait ‘till we can drive it to find out.

Elsewhere around the car, Aston has also stiffened the front end and fitted a new steering column. The car is also said to be set up for “control and composure” in order to accentuate its Grand Touring nature.

A photo of the Aston Martin DBS 770 Ultimate in profile.

This is the Aston Martin DBS’s swan song. Photo: Aston Martin

That’s all well and good, but what will set this car apart in the eyes of those of us who can only ever dream of spotting a model like this? Thankfully, there are a few styling tweaks of note.

Up front, there’s an enormous new hood scoop that echoes the styling of the quite excellent V12 Vantage that the company unveiled last year. This, coupled with larger vents in the front splitter are all about directing airflow to keep the engine cool.

A photo of the 21 inch wheels on the new Aston Martin.

These are my new favorite wheels. Photo: Aston Martin

There’s also an awesome-looking set of new wheels on the 770 Ultimate. The 21-inch rims, which are inspired by the set found on the incredible Victor, come in silver, black or a dark gray finish. They might be the nicest wheels Aston’s made in decades.

As with every performance-minded spec, Aston has also thrown carbon fiber at every surface. So there are new sill elements, windshield surrounds and mirror mounts all covered in the stuff. Inside the cabin, there’s a set of carbon fiber shift paddles too.

Further flourishes inside the 770 Ultimate include new contrasting stitching options and a laser-etched DBS 770 Ultimate logo on the center arm rest. To show off how special your car is, Aston has also fitted a set of sill plaques showcasing the Aston Martin wings, DBS 770 Ultimate logo and the limited-edition numbering of your new car.

A photo of the front grille on the Aston Martin DBS 770 Ultimate.

You wouldn’t like it when it’s angry. Photo: Aston Martin

It’s a pretty neat way to send the DBS riding off into the sunset. Aston says deliveries of the new car will begin in the third quarter of this year, but sadly all 300 coupes and 199 convertibles are already sold.


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