At $11,500, Will This ‘92 BMW 325ic Prove the Ultimate

Nice Price or No Dice 1992 BMW 325ic

The seller of today’s Nice Price or No Dice 325ic touts that, after 167,000 miles, the odometer still works. That’s a laudable achievement for any old BMW, but could it make this car worth a low five-figure asking?

Last Friday we looked at a 2015 Porsche 911 Targa 4 that had a pretty good party trick up its sleeve, er, roof. It also had a seven-speed stick making it one of the very few cars on the planet so equipped. A rare bit of kit and a desirable color (Sapphire Blue) had a lot of you vowing in the comments that this would be the 911 for you… if it weren’t so dang expensive. That $99,500 asking is really right where these cars sit today, but that didn’t sit well with most of you in the votes, as the Porsche plummeted in a 71 percent No Dice loss.

Hey, do you remember Pokémon and how you had to “catch ‘em all”? I think the same thing applies to older, desirable cars and trucks. Take today’s 1992 BMW 325ic drop top, for instance. BMW built a metric ton of E30s over the years, but age and general apathy for the lesser models has meant that a lot of those have gone to the scrap heap. Pretty soon, the only affordable models left will be fright pigs that require total restorations. If anyone has ever wanted one of these, it might very well be time to poop or get off the pot.

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That’s not to say that this Brilliantrot over beige convertible doesn’t have a lot going for it already. That doesn’t necessarily include the milage which, according to the ad, is 167,000 miles and climbing. That’s a healthy number but not all of the car has made it that far. The ad notes a number of major updates and repairs, including a fresh cloth top with a five-year warranty, a new water pump, timing belt and radiator, and the battery. Per the ad, the car now “drives amazing and is a joy to drive to the beach or trips around california.”

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It also looks the part as the paint still gleams despite being original. The factory basket weave wheels look free of curb rash, and the top, as noted is new. The only notable fly in this Bimmer’s ointment is the missing valance below the front bumper.

The interior is a bit of a different story. The dash is cracked in places and the upholstery is showing the effects of age and the sun. Most egregiously for most of you, however, the console carries a shifter for an automatic transmission. That makes this car a bit of a cruiser, which is fine for a lot of folks. There will be quite a few of you, though, for whom that’s an instant turn-off.

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For the benefit of those who don’t mind giving their left leg less to do, let’s give this 3 Series drop-top its due. The seller says the title is clean and the registration is up to date. It’s also never been in an accident. The asking price for all that is $11,500.

What do you say, does that seem like a good deal to grab an E30? Or, do the car’s cons outweigh its pros at that price?

You decide!

Los Angeles, California, Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

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