Because MotorWeek’s Retro Reviews Are the Best, We’re Sharing a

A youngish John Davis in a very fetching windbreaker announced the car you're about to see review.

John Davis and his crew have been doing the damn thing since 1981, and that means there are a lot of retro reviews to appreciate.Screenshot: MotorWeek via YouTube

If you’re anything like us, then you’ve been watching the crew from MotorWeek put a veritable pantheon of cars through their paces. Whether they’re weaving through cones at Roebling Road or showing us how to get in and adjust the seats and steering wheel, something about MotorWeek’s reviews puts the Jalop staff into a state of tonic immobility, like when you put a shark on its back.

Personally, I’ve overdosed on calmness, well-being and the milk of human kindness in simply putting together a collection of our favorite MotorWeek Retro Reviews from the show’s thriving YouTube channel, so kick back and get ready to enjoy the dulcet tones of Mr. John Davis as he tells you all about the…


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