BMW iX2 electric coupe crossover spied for the first time

The next-gen BMW X2 made its spy photo debut a short time ago, and now that model’s electric twin is joining it. Given that BMW calls the newly-revealed electric version of the X1 an iX1, we suspect this electric version of the X2 will be called the iX2.

This tester lets itself be known as an EV in a few different ways, but none more obvious than the big sticker on the rear calling it out as an “Electrified Vehicle.” Beyond that, there’s the distinct lack of exhaust pipes coming out the rear, and the front grille is mostly shrouded over. Compare that to the gas-powered tester we spied last month with the open/exposed grille, and the differences are clear.

Just like the regular X2, this iX2 adopts the new body style for the new generation. It’s far closer to the X4 in shape than the funky X2 as we know it today. The bright LED lights in front are a little easier to make out in this set of spy shots, and the light signature looks rather blocky and bold. We’ll also note that BMW has used the same funky and tall lip spoiler on the EV as it uses on the gas-powered X2.

As for what the mechanicals underneath the iX2 will consist of, they’re likely to mirror that of the iX1 (its platform mate). Only an iX1 xDrive30 is out now, and this powertrain is made up of two electric motors, one in front and one in back for all-wheel drive. Output is 313 horsepower and 364 pound-feet of torque, which BMW claims is good for a 0-62 mph run in 5.7 seconds. Range is respectable, as BMW predicts the iX1 will go 257-272 miles on a full charge. The iX2’s slick shape could improve that range, too.

What’s most unclear, though, is if the iX2 will see the U.S. market. As of now, the iX1 isn’t slated for sale here. Will BMW give us the coupe version of the electric crossover instead? We’ll have to wait and see. 

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