BMW Recalls EVs Because They’re Too Quiet

A photo of a BMW iX SUV and BMW i4 electric sedan on snow.

BMW’s EVs are getting a bit too quiet. Photo: BMW

People like complaining about the sound EVs make. They love saying that the futuristic hum of an electric car isn’t as exciting as the sounds that emanate from a gas-powered car. But, that hum is an important safety feature that ensures anyone around can hear an EV coming. Now, some BMWs have stopped humming and are being recalled for being too quiet.

BMW’s current range of electric vehicles includes the iX SUV and the i4 and i7 sedans. But, the German automaker is being forced to recall almost 3,500 iX and i4 models due to faulty external sound generators, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

The recall affects 1,988 i4 models and 1,443 iX models produced between January 13th and December 21st 2022. According to the NHTSA, the affected models are fitted with a faulty artificial sound generator.

A photo of a white BMW i4 electric sedan.

The BMW i4 is being recalled in America. Photo: BMW

Under normal conditions, the sound generator would emit a beep or humming noise when the car reverses. But, in the 3,431 cars affected by the recall, the “control unit may, sporadically, experience a fault condition,” reports the NHTSA. As such, the sound generator may, under “certain vehicle operating conditions,” not emit correct warning sounds.

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The defect was first identified late last year during quality control checks on a 2023 BMW iX SUV. The issue is said to occur “sporadically,” and, as such, the German automaker has not yet received any reports of any accidents or injuries that may be related to this issue.

A photo of a burgundy BMW iX SUV driving on a tree-lined road.

Nothing to hear here. Photo: BMW

In order to rectify the silent EVs, BMW dealers will simply update the software in the external artificial sound generator. Affected owners are expected to be notified of the recall by March 17, 2023.

If you think your car has been impacted by a recall, there are a few simple things you can do to check. First, the NHTSA has a handy app you can use to check if your vehicle is affected, or you can head to the regulator’s website and plug your VIN into its recall search tool.


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