Chinese driver unable to disable cruise control is supposedly stuck

We don’t see how this could be true, but it’s all over the internet so it must be true, right? 

According to a tale told on the Chinese website AutoHome and relayed by The Drive, the driver of a Chinese-built Haval H6 crossover was stuck behind the wheel for more than 300 highway miles because the brakes failed to engage and he was unable to disable the set speed (about 62 mph) of the cruise control system. Brakes AND cruise control, what are the odds.

The sole occupant of the vehicle, described only as one “Mr. Luo,” patiently piloted the Haval — one of the more popular cars in China — at speed though the Hunan province until it ran out of gas and came to a halt.

Authorities said he contacted police by cellphone, and they provided him with an escort for most of the journey. They said that engineers for the manufacturer were contacted but could not provide a solution except to advise Mr. Luo keep going until the tank ran dry.

It’s unclear why, on a straightaway and under police escort, he couldn’t have simply, say, turned off the ignition and coasted to a stop. 

Police are said to be investigating the alleged incident. Haval is a subdivision of the larger Great Wall Motors.

This isn’t even an original plot. In the 1994 movie “Speed,” arch-villain Dennis Hopper rigs a crowded Los Angeles rapid transit bus so that if it exceeds 50 mph, a bomb under the bus will be armed — and then, if its speed falls below 50 mph, the bomb will explode. Chaos ensues.



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