Here Are the Wildest Tuner Cars at Tokyo Auto Salon

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Photo: Ken Saito

Originally a red car, at the last minute Liberty decided to wrap it white for the show. Before the grand unveiling, Kato-san gave an enamored speech about this car representing what he wants for Japan; a place where people have the liberty to do what they want to do. To be free to express themselves without fear of judgement, and most importantly, to have fun. He let his son, wearing a mask for privacy, do the finishing touches by cutting up the last part of the fender. The mask was also another metaphor, where 10 years ago his son wouldn’t have needed one in public — read into that how you will. He finished by saying Liberty Walk will keep doing what it’s doing, for better or for worse, and next year it’ll aim for an even more expensive car. As if the F40 wasn’t already expensive enough. It’s no surprise the Liberty Walk F40 walked away as the winner for the Import Car category this year.


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