New Private Car Club With 2

Motorsports Gateway Howell track layout presented to the city of Howell, with trackside garages.

Motorsports Gateway Howell track layout presented to the city of Howell, with trackside garages.Illustration: City of Howell, Atwell, Photo: Phil Clark/EyeEm Getty, Image: Lalita Chemello

It’s an age-old dilemma when it comes to being a car enthusiast: Where can I store all of my precious toys vehicles? Most car-enthusiast homes have long conversations about dream garages or buying property to build the largest pole barn possible to work on every project our hearts (and bank accounts) desire. But there are other options without the responsibility of caring for all of that land, where you can store, show off and play with your cars: a private trackside garage getaway. Michigan happens to be getting another such club just outside of the Detroit area.

Motorsports Gateway Howell plans to break ground next month on a 273-acre facility in Howell, Michigan, as reported by theDetroit Free Press. Similar to the M1 Concourse in Pontiac, just north of Detroit, the new auto club will boast a 2.2-mile circuit with private trackside garage condos and a member club house. What’s different is the Howell track will be 2.2 miles compared to M1’s 1.5-mile circuit, and according to Howell planning documents, the facility will include a public nature trail.

Motorsports Gateway Howell’s website says the planned driving circuit will “follow FIA grade safety standards” taking into account the elevation changes and surrounding natural areas. The 2.2 mile track will feature a half-mile straight, 40-foot track width and 150-mph top speeds, projected via simulation with a 2021 Porsche 911. The multi-configuration track is expected to be completed this coming summer, with track extension coming in the next build phase.

Members who purchase private garages can count on ample space between neighbors on either side, as the site says it will allow for natural lighting from the front and back of each condo while also considering neighborly noise and privacy. These garages aren’t just out in the open for anyone to drive past either. No, these condos are behind secure gates — part of a gated racing community.

The idea is great for those who don’t have light wallets. Just $35,000 will get you an individual membership, with annual dues of $7,500 in exchange for clubhouse access, 120 driving days a year minimum, two guests per day, special track rental rates and group driver coaching. Private driver coaching is also available. I tried to contact the developers to find out pricing for the on-site condos, but I haven’t heard back. That’s probably for the best, because if we have to ask, we likely can’t afford it.


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