Show Us All the Cool Automotive Gear You Got for

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Photo: Elizabeth Blackstock

Ah, the holidays! It’s the perfect time of year to learn who actually knows you and your tastes. So, whether it turns out that your loved ones perfectly understand your interests or that they quite literally have no idea what the word “car” means, we want to see all the automotive swag you picked up over the holiday season.

I actually only asked for a bookcase this year, since I’ve grown very tired of having my massive book collection lost to the void of random boxes and stacks. My mom, though, in all of her delightful kindness, spotted a Jimmy Spencer diecast at the flea market and nabbed that for me as well.

But I want to see what you got. Did your family get you a special-edition motorsport book that you’ve been dying to have? Did your spouse grab you the perfect tool to help you finish your latest wrenching project? Did your buddy get you those leaf springs you just haven’t been able to splurge on for yourself? Or did everyone totally drop the ball and get you a nondescript hat for a vehicle brand you don’t even drive? Or maybe you come home from grandma’s with nothing but Harbor Freight gift cards?

Whatever the case, show us the goods. Let’s see what you got!


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