Somehow, A Driver Flipped His Car Inside of a Car

Overturned car inside car wash

Photo: Hatfield Township Fire Marshal Mikele Waldron

If you’re taking your car through an automatic car wash, you have to accept that the process probably isn’t going to be great for your paint. It’s also possible you might worry about scratching a wheel. Then there’s using a car wash in the winter, when you might consider being careful on the way to, since it’s possible for the water to freeze and make the exit a bit dangerous. But have you ever worried about your car rolling on its side and trapping you inside for over an hour? We certainly haven’t. Until now.

According to WPVI, a 77-year-old man managed to flip his car on its side inside a Montgomery County car wash. The driver was reportedly trapped in the overturned car for 90 minutes while a rescue crew worked to get him out. Eventually, they cut off the car’s roof in order to free him, which probably won’t be great for its resale value. He was later taken to a local hospital for treatment due to leg injuries, but is expected to live.

“I can’t even imagine the process of having a car turn over inside a car wash. I don’t think it’s ever happened before,” witness Bill Ashmead told WPVI. We agree, Bill. We’re pretty sure this has never happened before, either.

As confusing as the story may sound at first, watching the video obtained by WPVI that we were unfortunately unable to embed here, it looks a lot more straightforward than you might initially think. After paying for the wash, the driver appears to have accidentally hit the accelerator instead of the brake, sending him through the gate and into the car wash where he hit a piece of equipment. The force of the impact then caused the car to roll onto its side.

If you’re a regular at Wave Car Wash in Colmar, Pennsylvania, you’re probably going to want to find a new car wash, at least for the near future. Owner Darin Kapanjie released a statement saying:

We are relieved that nobody was seriously injured. This was a severe accident that is extremely unfortunate for our customers, and our equipment. Being a small business owner isn’t easy, accidents like this don’t make it any easier. But hey, we have an amazing customer base that is committed to us as much as we are committed to them. We also have an amazing staff, great support team, and great connections in this amazing industry. We’ll get through it together and end up on top. Again, we’re just so happy nobody was seriously injured.

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So as it turns out, it is technically possible to turn your car on its side in the middle of an automatic car wash. It probably won’t happen to you, but maybe it’s better to hand-wash your car instead. Just to be safe.


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