The Formula 1 Teams That Never Really Succeeded

A photo of the 1997 Prost F1 car racing in Brazil.

Photo: Michael Cooper (Getty Images)

First Race: 1997 Australian Grand Prix

Last Race: 2001 Japanese Grand Prix

Best Result: 2nd at the 1997 Spanish Grand Prix and 1999 European Grand Prix

Probably the most successful team in this roundup, but still a squad that left the sport without a win, surrounded by debt. Prost Grand Prix was formed from the ashes of the Ligier team, which won nine races over 20 years in the sport.

But despite early promise in the 1997 season, which saw it take third place at only its second race and a second-place finish a few weeks later, the Prost squad was plagued with DNFs. And, after five years in the sport, it left F1 with 35 points to its name.


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