These Are Jalopnik’s Automotive Goals for 2023

Cars on track at a Super GT race at the Suzuka Circuit from 2018.

Photo: Clive Rose (Getty Images)

I’m all about setting achievable goals, and setting a goal to sit in front of the TV for more hours a week is a pretty damn easy reach. It’s sort of at odds with my goal to start regularly exercising for the first time since before the pandemic, but nobody said these resolutions had to be logical.

But this is going to be harder than it sounds for me. I’ve always had a difficult time following sports consistently, whether that sport involves motorized vehicles or not. I don’t really have what you’d call an “attention span” — my head is that of an excitable bird’s, focus always stolen by some other thing. Only this bird happens to have opposable thumbs, which means multitasking is dangerously easy.

Of course I’ve always enjoyed racing, but inevitably I miss one event and then that becomes two, and three, and it’s just a matter of time before I fall off the train, struggling to see the point anymore. It’s way more of an issue with Formula 1, because nowadays F1 shoehorns four races into a space of time that used to contain maybe two. That’s too much gossip to catch up on!

So I think it all depends on what series I choose. The World Rally Championship would be a good one — they’ve got rallies spaced very far apart, often by a month each time. And I’ve always wanted to get deep into Super GT because it’s the coolest looking form of racing on the planet. The Super GT calendar’s gapped similarly to the WRC’s, and doesn’t kick off till April. I need more racing on my screens every weekend — maybe in 2023 I’ll make it happen.


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