These Are the Least Memorable Cars You’ve Ever Owned

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Car itself wasn’t very memorable, its problems from its earlier abuse, neglect, and deferred maintenance as well as its ending were memorable though. My very first car a 1987 Plymouth Sundance coupe, white, burgundy interior, 3 speed auto, hatch struts didn’t work, but it did have alloys at least (tires were the wrong size but it had alloys damn it).

The car itself just didn’t make any strong memories, but the problems it had and its demise made memories. Like when it dumped all the brake fluid one dayand I slid to a stop on the shoulder just shy of the intersection with the foot operated e-brake and then limped it to the parts store with the e-brake. The headliner was ratty and sagged like crazy so just cut it off. The headlights were aimed wrong and due to housing damage couldn’t correct. It ran and got me from A to B and as a desperate teen take what you can get/afford.

It was valiant in its demise, as a Plymouth should be. On the way to my junior year final exams a senior decided to have too much fun with their brand new graduation present. They rammed into the back of the shitty little Sundance hard, my cassette left the player and migrated to the back seat, my neck snapped hard and I hit the brakes (working at that point) to not hit the car I had been accelerated towards. I limped it to the shoulder as not sure how bad damage was, looked back as the steam was clearing and saw the freshly demolished new car, front end was obliterated, airbags had gone off, and they were climbing out to yell at me that I wrecked their car… right… My bumper was at a 90 degree angle, the engine was smoking a bit, but I was able to drive it away and avoid a towing fee, went to my final and was late but a receipt for a police report was accepted as a good excuse, did great on my finals, felt fine until the adrenaline wore off, then the whiplash hit. Made it through the day, headed home, car was running worse but running so got home. I limped it to a shop next morning, the diagnosis was fatal, block had cracked in the accident (again, it had a really rough life before me), which was surprising as I didn’t expect that after a rear-end collision, alas it went off to the scrap yard where it had long belonged and I didn’t think about it nor lament its passing.

I took zero pictures of that car, it inspired no enthusiasm, all I have left is the basic description and the multitude of problems and incidents it had for memories.

I know you tried to hide that Valiant pun in there. It didn’t work. I’m pointing it out to all the readers, it’s not hidden any more.

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