These Are the Weirdest One-Off Cars Ever Built

A photo of a vintage blue Shelby Daytona Type 65 sports car.

Photo: Shelby American

“Shelby Daytona Type 65 ‘Super Coupe’ (Chassis CSB3054) with the 427ci. It had a completely redesigned body by original designer Pete Brock. As the front had to be extended to accommodate the 427 block. And, since that changed the dynamics of car, he had to reshape the whole thing.

“It was supposed to be ready for Le Mans 1965, but they didn’t get it finished in time. In fact, it wasn’t fully ‘completed’ until years later. It sat unfinished at Shelby American, as the GT40 program took over everything, until the car changed hands several times before falling in the lap of Craig Sutherland. He immediately tasked Mike Dopudja to finish its build in consultation with Pete Brock. And so, 15 years after the project was originally conceived, it was finally finished in 1981.

“2300lbs with 500HP. Estimated top speed: 205.

“This would have been a Cobra, that could have not only whooped the Ferrari GTOs easily, but also the 330 P3 Prototypes!”

If you were to pay a living wage that covered 15 years of work to make this car, what exorbitant amount would it need to sell for to turn a profit?

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