These are the Worst Cars of the 2010s

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I’ll nominate the Buick Cascada. It picked up where the Sebring left off. Which…why? Why do these soft, shitty near-luxury convertibles need to continue to exist? Is it execs that remember coke-fueled weekends in South Beach? Did they get their first lay in the front seat of a Chrysler LeBaron? It’s gotta just be for fleet sales, right?

After the heyday of droptops in the ‘80s & ‘90s (when you could even get a softtop Pontiac Sunfire if you wanted to die in a 15 mph collision), your choices for semi-premium family coupe convertibles had dwindled to just two – the Sebring and the Toyota Solara. Ah, yes, the “exciting” Camry.

Then there was the VW Eos. Remember the Eos? It had a hardtop. And the Cascada looks an awful lot like the Eos, which makes sense because the Buick is actually an Opel, and Opel’s design direction for the last 20 years has been “we’ll do whatever VW is doing, but worse.”

To me, this is worse than the CrossCabriolet or the SSR, because at least those vehicles were trying. This…isn’t trying at all. It’s such a condescending car, and GM has made some pretty patronizing vehicles over the years. It’s a “hey, I’ll be 60-year-olds at the Hertz counter in Tampa will eat these things up, ‘cuz they’re old and stupid, har har”, except those decisions are probably being made by 60-year-old white men in a boardroom in Detroit, so I don’t even know anymore. Again, why does this exist? Thinking about it hurts my brain.

I respect the Cascada because as far as convertibles go, it was on the cheaper end. Everyone deserves to have a convertible. They are simply the superior method of transportation.

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