These Are the Worst Luxury Cars Money Can Buy

A photo of a red Cadillac SUV at sunset.

Photo: Cadillac

“Any base model ‘entry level’ car from the luxury brand of a major company. Things like Acura, Lexus, Infinity, Cadillac, Lincoln, and so on. Those lower trim models are generally just badge engineered cars from the cheaper nameplates, just with a luxury package thrown in, something you could have bought from the cheaper nameplate for far less.

“Then you have to consider that some shops (dealers for sure) will charge you more because you’re driving a Cadillac instead of a Chevy, even if everything about the car that matters and/or is being fixed is the same as the cheaper brand.

“Sorry, but until you get into the top tier cars from luxury brands, the differences between a normal car and a luxury car are negligible.”

Would you rather save some money, but have to explain why you bought a Chevrolet? Or, take a hit to the bank balance while having the joy of being a Cadillac owner?

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