These Are Your Automotive Paint Ideas

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How about colors in general?! There are so many makes and models where you can’t even GET color anymore. It’s just swatches of greys, blacks, and whites on a lot of car customizers, MAYBE an army green or a dark maroon if you are lucky, but come on! Give me reds and blues and greens and oranges of many shades! And lets stock these colors on the lots too.

How much of the bland color palate we see today attributed to the fact dealers only stock those lame colors to be “safe” and just perpetuates the colorless trend? MFGs see they are only selling lame colors so they in turn, pivot to only offer lame colors. I would say most people go to the dealers near them and buy whatever is on the lot, not many people have the patience or time to order a car with a color they want. I have had to do this, wanted a red Mazda3 but bought a grey one because it was all they had on the lot and I needed a car sooner rather than later.

This is why we should all be able to order our cars direct from the manufacturer, without dealer involvement. Plus, y’know, the million other benefits to that system.

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