These Cars Are in Real Need of a Redesign This

A photo of a white Chevrolet Express van.

Image: General Motors

“The Chevy van.

Oh my god Chevy. It’s a 1995 van being sold in 2023. It’s already sporting a receding hair line and bags under its eyes.

“Remember us trades guys? A lot of us buy our own vans and don’t drive a company van. We don’t want a hunk o crap to drive. We want something as nice as a truck. But trucks are not vans and they are stupid to work out of.

“There is a rumor that Cheyv will leverage the electric Silverado platform for a new van. If they do, it had BETTER HAVE A BIG BATTERY option. It is stupid to not make a long range electric trades van. Our vans return home every night and are the PERFECT EV consumer. We burn more fuel than most truck users! We tow trailers, run welding equipment and drive to remote job sites. We need a better van and the current vans are terrible.

“The electric Ford Transit is an embarrassment and an insult to intelligence. Under 200km of range? Seriously? Do you not look at your van customers odometers? We put on crazy miles!”

Make a shiny new electric Express, you cowards.

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