These Cars Were Totally Worth Waiting For

A photo of a black Tesla Model 3 sedan.

Photo: Tesla

“March 2016: Waited in a two-plus hour line at the mall to place a reservation.

“September 2018: Car delivered on a trailer to my house.

“Present day 2023, over four years later: Love it. Best daily driver money can buy. Not too large or too small, incredible performance, obviously incredible fuel economy, great tech, great road trip ability with Superchargers. Pair it with my solar panels and I estimate I’ve saved about $6,000 on fuel and home electricity since switching both over.

“Maybe less so in 2023 since they’re quite popular, but back in 2018-2019, it was real hit at car shows, especially putting a bottle of V8 under the hood. People just hadn’t seen something like that before.”

You can’t put a price on time, unless it’s time spent paying for gas. And then it’s about $1,000 for every year.

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