These New Cars Are Hurt By Their Past Unreliable Reputations

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Here’s the thread I want. I’m also going to throw my hat into the FCA/Stellantis ring.

I’ve always owned Japanese cars, and a couple of BMWs, so I never thought I would buy an FCA product. I absolutely regarded them as the lowest of the low in quality and reliability. Even after buying my 2022 Ram, I’ve been given the third degree on how I would always be taking it into the shop for this and that, and how parts will start falling off.

Well, I’m about 15,000mi in, and 8 months of ownership, so far, it’s been one of the best vehicles I’ve ever owned. Too early to tell, but before I purchased, I talked to owners, forum members, even mechanics that work at the dealerships, I haven’t seen or heard any red-flags that kept me away.

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A friend went to work for a local Fiat dealer when they were re-introduced a few years ago. He said everyone there was bombarded with tales of rusting bodies, long wait for parts from Italy, and regular overheating problems, that led to the company exiting the USA market about 50 years ago. Last year the FIAT dealer in question, in an eastern state capital city, closed up suddenly. I’ve not heard from him, but I can’t stop thinking about how many potential buyers stayed away from the FIAT brand, because of their poor reputation lingering around after half a century.

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