These Were Your Worst Driving Moments of 2022

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I was driving home from work. There’s this one part of my drive about 2 miles from that is always stop and go. But living in the town that I do; we have many drivers who decide to be courteous at the most inopportune times…

You know you, like, you’re driving a few car lengths behind somebody. There’s no one in front or behind both of you in the foreseeable distance. But the dude in front decides to let someone in on a cross street to take a left to go on the road in front of him. So, if you’re not paying attention you have to slam on the brakes not to rear-end the guy who being “nice”? When the car waiting to take a left just as easily could have waited the five seconds to let two cars pass by? That kind of shit.

Anyways, someone about a 100 yards ahead decides to let someone in or out, or take a turn…whatever. And then it’s a succession of everyone stopping short. Well, I rear-ended a Jeep Cherokee. There was just slight damage, a bumper indentation with a crushed a rear fog light. That doubled my insurance. My damage was minor and I did not bother getting it fixed. I did not even get a ticket when the police showed up.

Situations like this, the little courteous moves that disrupt the flow of traffic, are exactly why you need to be so attentive behind the wheel. You never know when something will shift away from your mental plan.

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