This Influencer’s Rezvani Video Is Even More Cringeworthy Than the

Rezvani Vengeance

Image: Rezvani

There aren’t many vehicles on the market today that would be more embarrassing to be seen in than the Rezvani Vengeance. At least in the U.S. No decent, normal person would be caught dead in that thing. It’s just a fantasy car for the kind of dude who is so scared of the world that he fully believes he needs to carry two AR-15s just to safely order coffee in a suburban Starbucks. It’s for the kind of person who fantasizes about murdering cyclists because roads should be for cars, and those cyclists are probably libtards anyway.

Admitting you would own one if you could afford the quarter-million-dollar starting price is so cringeworthy, it should automatically get you kicked out of your friend group and disowned by your entire family. Unless, of course, your friends and family are fellow Proud Boys who think Andrew Tate is a political prisoner who was only brought down by some globalist cabal. Being that cripplingly insecure is one thing, but volunteering that information to the world from behind the wheel of a Rezvani Vengeance takes things to a completely different level.

And yet, somehow, an influencer managed to release a video recently that takes the Vengeance’s cringe level to an entirely new one, and in an entirely new direction. Before you watch it, though, I need to be completely upfront with you that it’s physically painful to watch. You are going to hate it even more than you could possibly imagine. It might even be so bad that someone who hoped to buy one after he gets out of jail for his actions on January 6th might reconsider their purchase.

No, it’s not some male style influencer awkwardly trying to show how rugged and tough the Vengeance is. It’s a woman explaining to her hundreds of thousands of followers all the ways the Vengeance makes the perfect mama-mobile in the most cringe-worthy way imaginable. I’d like to think it’s meant to be tongue-in-cheek, but it doesn’t come off that way at all. Hopefully, she got a nice, large check from Rezvani for making it because there’s no way embarrassing yourself across the internet like this for a free meal and a few drinks could possibly be worth it.

And since I’ve seen it, now you have to see it. Or I guess you don’t. No one’s going to force you to watch the video below. And, arguably, you really shouldn’t. It’s so bad. But you know you want to click. Give it a click. I promise you’ll regret it.

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