What Essential Parts Have Fallen Off Your Car While Driving?

Have you ever lost a door or another essential component while driving? Gif: Channel 4

No matter who you are or where you’re driving, sometimes things just fall from our cars. Lost items can range from precariously loaded lumber in the bed of your truck, or a deadly capsule of radioactive material like the one recently shaken loose in the Australian outback.

Then there are the times when it’s not just your luggage falling from the roof of your vehicle while on a long journey. Sometimes, it’s the unfortunate sound of something clanging against the highway from under your car, and followed by a hefty repair bill for your car.

So, today, we’re looking into these expensive accidents and asking what essential parts have fallen off your car while you’ve been on the road?

It could be something as harmless as a hubcap shaken loose before spinning off frantically into the hedgerows at the side of the road. More essential components are also prone to coming loose. Things like your muffler can clatter to the ground without a moment’s notice, or even an engine could come loose from its mountings. Heck, you could even lose a door mid-drive!

So, have any of these scenarios ever befallen you on your drives? Head to the comments section below and let us know what essential parts you’ve lost on the road. We’ll round up some of the best responses in a slideshow next week.


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