What’s the Weirdest One-Off Car Ever Built?

A photo of the dark green Aston Martin Victor supercar.

It’s just so beautiful. Photo: Aston Martin

Believe it or not, just about every car maker has a fun side. Car companies have teams of designers and engineers that just want to break all the rules and create something that’s a bit bonkers. Their outlet for such creativity is in the show cars, concepts and one-off builds that carmakers wheel out from time to time to grab a few headlines.

These projects could be commissioned by the friendly neighborhood billionaire, or they could be part of a design study to show off an automaker’s new direction. Whatever the reason for these bespoke builds, one-of-one cars and other exclusive creations, what would you say is the weirdest one-off car ever built?

The car that sparked this debate, for me, was the Aston Martin Victor. This one-of-one monster was assembled for an uber-wealthy Aston fan out of spare parts. It took a carbon-fiber chassis from the One-77 and added a bunch of parts from the race-ready Vulcan to create, probably, my dream Aston Martin. And while it might not be that weird, it got my mind racing to remember all the other one-offs that automakers experimented with.

So, what oddities spring to mind for you? Maybe you have fond memories of that one time Fiat turned the Panda into a monster truck. Or, perhaps, you have fever dreams about that one four-door 911 that Porsche tried to shift in the 1960s?

Whatever show cars, one-of-ones or other crazy bespoke builds spring to mind for you, we want to know. So, head to the comments section below to let us know what you think is the weirdest one-off car ever built. We’ll round up some of the top suggestions and discuss them tomorrow.


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